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Article Review Video Podcasting in Physical Education

Kellie A. Shumack & Erin Reilly (January 2011) Video Podcasting in Physical Education. Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance, 82:1, 39-43, DOI: 10.1080/07303084.2011.10598560

Video Podcasting in Physical Education

    Depending on anyone’s technology savvy skills, they can add video podcasting to any physical education program to help foster the learning in variety of ways to their students.  This article by Kellie Shumack and Erin Reilly on “Video Podcasting in Physical Education” explains what actually is video podcasting, tips to creating a successful podcast, and why it could be beneficial for your students. Don’t get intimidated if this is something new.  Just take it step by step and podcasting might just amaze one with an exciting new technology skill we all might want to integrate into the physical education program. 

   What exactly is video podcasting?  Podcasting is an audio presentation that can be transported to any playing device.  Another term used is “vodcast” that using both video and audio to explain your thoughts to students.  If a teacher wants to follow other people who have created Podcasts or vodcasts on variety of subjects, they can be easily search in either; ITunes, podcast pickle, or podcast alley.  If one chooses to subscribe then topics of your choice will automatically be downloading when any new episode comes out. Podcast or vodcast is becoming more frequency used in education.

  Teachers are starting to use podcast to allow students to self learn, students to go back into a lecture to review for test, and if absent to check up in class.  In physical education, teachers have found great use for podcast to supplement instruction.  Students can review skills outside of class, seeing others perform the skill to then visualize themselves performing that skill, get instruction out quicker to provide more movement time in class, review dance lesson skills, and to provide a variety of level of skills for your students.  To make sure your podcast is top-notch you should have a clear plan, outline or scrip, and if using video in your podcast it should already be edited.  Once created the creator could finalize the file to be able to be seen by 3rd party.  Lastly, make sure you have software that will help make your perfect podcast. 

Tools required to making a podcast –
  • Computer capable to run Windows Movie Maker, Garage Band, Windows live Movie Maker
  • Microphone
    •  Must newer computer come with a microphone – or purchase an external microphone from $6 to couple of hundred dollars.
  • Screencast.com or ITunes

   Through using podcast or vodcast teachers have found more time to help assist students in the skills.  Using these tech tools have also enhanced the knowledge learned in class and a fun way for students to learn.  These tools have been found to provide another way to motivate, excite, and encourage students learning.


   I have listened to many different physical educators podcast but I have never thought of doing my own because I truly didn’t know how to create one until I actually did a fun first podcast.   At a conference, a physical education teacher showed how used podcast with QR’s to enhance the station work.  In the station there were 3 different skill levels that student would scan the QR code that would direct the individual student to a different skill level for practice.  The best part is that it was all students’ choices on what they wanted to practice.  It was mind blowing how simple yet, exciting for students because they aren’t told but guided with skills needed to practice.  I believe for myself I just need more practice using podcasts.  I know my students can bloom even more if implemented correctly.

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