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Pedagogical Uses of Technology in Physical Education

Susana Juniu, (Nov/Dec 2011) Pedagogical Uses of Technology in Physical Education. Journal of Physical Education, Recreation & Dance, 82, 9; ProQuest Pg. 41-49

Pedagogical Uses of Technology in Physical Education


The buzz in the education field is technology, technology, and can someone teach me how to use that technology?  Have you been hearing that in your college courses or those of you who have student teachers, have they been asking you many questions on technology? Susana Juniu wrote this article called, “Pedagogical Uses of Technology in Physical Education.” The focus of this article is to provide a guide to student teachers in physical education.  He gives an honest view of what actually has been happening during the student teachers experiences.  First, it examined the environment of a Wellness classroom.  Next the article scanned a lesson and showed strategies to put technology lesson objectives to address the specific goal for physical education. Lastly, she strongly encourages student teachers and all teachers to get better at the pedagogic teaching strategies with which continual education is key. The overall goal is to get student teachers in physical education prepared for the future with using tech tools.  The cooperating teacher plays a big role in providing the learning for their student teachers to use tech tools in their lessons.  That way the future teacher feels comfortable using technology throughout their teaching career and will hopefully use more of it for the student benefit. 

In this day and age all teachers no matter what level you are at are expected to be experts in the usage of technology tools.  Using technology in the PE setting can have added challenges.  Physical education classrooms are not set-up the same as grade level classrooms.  PE classes are normally in a big gymnasium or outside. It is important to train student teachers to find technology tools that are able to be integrated into those environments to support the pedagogical strategies.  During students teaching experiences, they need to practice the skills using technology in the PE setting. That way the student teacher is working on what will be similar to the expectations they will have later in their teaching practice. What the author found is that technology was not being effectively infused into the student teaching experience. 

The author suggests that to have technology make a difference, “Choose your technology to aid your teaching, rather then designing your lesson to fit the available technology.”  When choosing a tech tool first you need to look at your instructional approaches, learning outcomes, and goals of the lesson.  Second look at the needs of your students; content being taught, and contextual variables. Then go to your tech closet and pick the right tool to aid in your teaching. Not the other way around. 

There was an example layout of how a physical education teacher used heart-rate monitors to support their pedagogical strategies. How they used the 5 basic steps for planning the lesson.
1)   Instructional Problem: Essential Questions
2)   Analysis of Context
3)   Pedagogical Decisions
4)   Learning Activities and Implementation
5)   Assessment
When using technology in any setting it isn’t guaranteed that it will ensure the quality of education.  What will make quality education is the design of the educational experiences that will promote the learning.  It is important for teachers of all abilities to learn how to use technology.  No matter your expertise on technology it is always important to continue taking educational classes to improve your lesson.    


This article looks at how we are helping our student teachers and making sure they are ready for the world of technology.  PE is no longer just sports and games but the use of tech tools to show a students physical progression.   I believe the author and this article that most student teachers are not being taught to use technology in their PE lessons.   My coworker has had several student teachers in the past couple of years.  Only 1 out of the 5 has felt comfortable incorporating technology into the PE lessons.  I feel that it has to come from the cooperating teacher and their own ability in technology.  If a teacher doesn’t feel comfortable then they also don’t teach their student teacher to use tech tools in the PE setting.  Those teacher who don’t feel comfortable using technology need to spend they own time learning, taking district tech classes, and attending different conferences that show strategies to encompass technology into your lessons.  This is especially important if they take on the responsibility of having a student teacher.  I know for myself using technology more and more into the physical education classroom has made my teaching smoother.  That is by trial and error, along with observing other PE teachers who use technology.  I have been able to see what has worked for them and try to put that into my setting.  The benefit of using technology I have noticed is the additional student motivation, exercising more, and excitement level raised to whole new level.  This article is totally right.  A teacher needs to first figure out their specific goal to the lesson and then sees if a tech tool will assist them in that lesson.

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